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TR19 provides the highest standards of best practice and provides a method of verification for insurance purposes that the ventilation system in a building is clean and well maintained. .It will be especially important for kitchen ventilation due to the elevated risk of grease deposits in extract systems, which can cause fires. Adherence to the standards in TR/19 will provide detailed, recognised proof that the ventilation system in a building is safe and well maintained, which is vital for securing insurance policies.


Unless grease extract systems are cleaned according to the latest HVCA  standards, they are likely to be a fire risk. And powers of prosecution can be instigated the requirement to carry out fire risk assessments is a primary legal obligation. And failure to do so is a punishable offence under the Fire Safety Order, as a restaurant in Essex recently found out to the tune of a £25,000 fine with costs.

More worrying perhaps is that unless a grease extract system is cleaned according to HVCA TR19 standards, it is likely to remain a fire risk.



Proprietors of commercial kitchens have a duty to ensure that the ventilation system serving the respective premises are maintained and operated effectively. Good maintenance is a prerequisite for ensuring that a system complies with Best Practicable Good maintenance is required by the food hygiene regulations and will also minimise the risk of fire. The recommended cleaning period for extract ductwork is:


• Cleaning period for extract ductwork are used as follows:


Heavy Use 12-16 Hours Per Day 3 Monthly


Moderate Use 6-12 Hours Per Day 6 Monthly


Light Use 2-6 Hours Per Day Annually


• Periodic ‘deep hygiene cleaning’ be undertaken by a specialist contractor. All accessible main ductwork runs and branches, including fitted equipment should be inspected and cleaned. [Note: periodic will be defined by the use of equipment];


• all fans are maintained on a regular basis as recommended by the fan

manufacturer; and


• ventilation grilles, where fitted have easily removable cores to facilitate


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HVCA/has launched TR/19, its comprehensive guide to the internal cleanliness of ventilation systems. At a time when indoor air quality expectations from building occupiers are higher than ever,TR/19 is expected to become invaluable to those working with ventilation systems and vital when proving standards for insurance purposes.